Harry Nilsson, Ellen Naomi Cohen (Mama Cass to you) and Jim Morrison were my three closest friends in the Hollywood of the 1960s. My band played Sunset Strip clubs and I did comedy at The Store from about 1964 to 1972, when I moved to my mountain retreat up in Crestline.

I'll tell the whole story of how Harry and I met, and the saga of our many decades of friendship will all be revealed in due course as I upload stories, anecdotes, photos, videos and more to share with all of Harry's friends, keeping his memory and his music alive, as I promised him I would, Christmas Eve, 1993, which he called "the best Christmas ever".

I was his official photographer in 1967, even though I was still technically working for Columbia -- I had yet to complete the sessions with Paul Revere & the Raiders for Roger Hart and the writing contract for the Bob Crane Morning Show on KNX-FM every morning.

I also worked from 1965 to 1972 for Chuck and Ira Laufer who owned Tiger Beat and Monkee Spectacular, as a reporter, sometimes with my bud, Annie Moses, and sometimes with my friend Jim Morrison's BGF, Anne Moore, who wrote me up in a chapter of her book on Jim, describing our first meeting -- it's a hilarious piece of history, which I'll also give from my point of view. When I can locate my copy of her Morrison book, I'll post the chapter.

In the meantime, enjoy the site. If you have no idea who Harry Nilsson might have been, I advise seeing the movie.

HarryHeads are fans, friends and aficionados of the late, extraordinary singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson, whose career spanned early fame from music for the movie Midnight Cowboy, to his uber hit, Without You, so spectacularly covered by Mariah Carey, to his notorious relationship with John Lennon. HarryHeads contains offerings of tribute from Nilsson's long time friend, E.J. Gold.

E.J. Gold and Harry Nilsson were friends in the 1960s. They hung out, sang a capela while strolling down Hollywood Boulevard, took photos for Harry's album covers, using Harry's sister Michelle's VW Bug, sang backup vocals for the Monkees and others.

They collaborated on The Moonbeam Show circa 1992, E.J. painting and making ceramics in relation to Harry's lyrics. There were exhibits in Vancouver, at the Troov Gallery in Brooklyn, in New Paltz, New York and at the Gallery of Functional Art in Santa Monica. A limited edition fine art book was produced, as well as large canvas paintings and beautiful ceramics.

The two also shared a love of science fiction, and Harry wrote a story for Galaxy magazine, which E.J. had taken over as editor from his father, Horace L. Gold, who was the founder of the magazine.

The two got together in 1994, with Harry and his wife and six children visited E.J. at his Penn Valley, California, home and studio. Nilsson described Gold as "the best kept secret in North America."

For more videos of Harry Nilsson and E.J. Gold, check out YouTube.

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